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I'm Alice and this blog is the product of my nonsense addictions. Björk is a reflection of my heart and my life turns around Palma Violets. If you don't like Arctic Monkeys, please fuck off.

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Adrien Brody by Richard Phibbs

I don’t even care how this happened


I don’t even care how this happened

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awesome mix vol. 1: guardians of the galaxy OST (listen)

i. hooked on a feeling - blue swede // ii. go all the way - the raspberries // iii. spirit in the sky - norman greenbaum // ivmoonage daydream - david bowie // v. fooled around and fell in love - elvin bishop // vi. i’m not in love - 10cc // vii. i want you back - the jackson 5 // viii. come and get your love - redbone // ix. cherry bomb - the runaways // x. escape (the pina colada song) - rupert holmes // xi. o-o-h child - five stairsteps // xii. ain’t no mountain high enough - marvin gaye and tammi tarell 

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"Watch the way she moves. Imprecise but effortless—she’s not faking it.”

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